2020 / Nubank

Analytics Revamp

This project is still in progress, it was born out of technical necessity, and we took the opportunity to make improvements to the user experience.

As the launch of our investment product, locked deposit, we need to refactor our code. We lost some features that we already have in the current analytics (History and Simulation). We decided for a phased release so the user could see the benefit of our investment product, but we also compromised to think about an analytic long term vision.

In this project, I participated as the only designer, but when necessary, I had help from my amazing team and the perfect research department.

Project Goals

  • Have an MVP to launch to customers and learn from the results

  • Unlock the release of the Investment Product

  • Have a vision of the evolution of the project

  • Reduce call ticket for confusing information

Methodology [ In Progress ]

1. Product Audit

In this first phase, we compiled all the previous user research that we had already done related to financial control and usability test of our Account Product. We did a quantitative analysis of the flows(Amplitude) and compiled the biggest topics that users complain to our customer support related to this flow.

2.First Explorations

With the list of items, we started to explore interfaces, and the idea was to create a first concept to test with our client.


Meanwhile, the exploration we kept talking with our engineering team to understand what would be feasible to deliver at that moment and we came with our first screen.

Exploration v1

With this first concept, we made a Design Critique with other designers from my tribe and Co-Design.

Design Critique

At this moment, we started to explore a future vision as well. At this stage, it was important, based on everything we had investigated, to define the long term purpose of the page, as we had no limitations. (We still investigating this needs, as we keep research more items will come)

User Needs

We did some exploring and arrived at the first hypothesis of vision to test.

Explorations Widgets
2.8 Explorations

Our phased release hypothesis

MVP Test

[Planned Usability Test and Quantitative Research]

We are in this phase of the process, and we want to research with users to get the perception and refine the concepts.

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