Hello. I am Pedro Pim, designer working at Nubank

Previously XP, iFood, Easynvest, Huge and Globo.com


Working on building financial products to help Brazilians reinvent their financial lives.


Side Project

Application that helps you organize your day to day expenses.Working with React, Redux and Firebase with database and authentication.

Pantry App

Side Project

An application that will help you to not forget items inside the fridge and having to end up throwing them away. Working with React, Redux and Firebase with database and authentication.

    Indecision App

    Side Project

    A simple application made with React that helps select who’s gonna do the task.

    XP / Rico

    2019 / 2018

    I helped build the new Rico Mobile App from the very first concepts, through the early releases/refinements. Also, I helped to structure the first team for our squad.


    2018 / 2017

    I was part of the team that built the new mobile app, and then I moved to the new business area working on discovery projects that mixed business and design.

      Out of Home Research

      Lunch Research

      Loyalty Explorations

      iFood New App


    2017 / 2016

    I helped design the new application and the web experience, from the first concepts to the early releases.


      2016 / 2015

      I was able to participate in projects for companies in different contexts such as Bradesco Seguros, Whirlpool, BV Financeira and FCA.


        2015 / 2010

        I was able to participate in several projects for the GloboEsporte, GShow and Tech Tudo.

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